My family lived in Lane for many years before moving to Ottawa.

My mom, dad and their siblings all graduated from Lane High School. My sister and I went to the Lane School until we moved to Ottawa after my seventh-grade school year.

Lane was a wonderful place to grow up. The town was small and only had one block of downtown businesses. One of the businesses that all of the kids loved was Mr. Burkeís Ice Cream Store. There are many good memories that were made in that store.

My husband and I recently took a drive and ended up driving through Lane, and I was reminiscing about all of my memories of living in Lane. As we were driving down the block of stores in town, I noticed Mr. Burkeís Ice Cream Store had been remodeled and was now Lane Cafe and Convenience Store. I was very impressed by the improvements of the store, but since this was Sunday they werenít open, so we decided to come back later and check it out.

We recently took my mom, dad and aunt to the cafe. We all were pleasantly surprised by what we found. It is very nicely remodeled and decorated. It also was very clean and pleasant. The service was great and the menu had many food choices. Everything we had was very good.

There also is a small convenience store within the cafe. This is such an asset to the community because it carries many of the staples (milk, bread, etc.) that people need but arenít able to get anywhere else in Lane. They would have to drive to the bigger communities in the area to get these staples.

ó Cathy (Hettler) Brown,