I wanted to take an opportunity to apologize to the private citizen who complained to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and for any confusion caused by my parking in the handicapped parking spot in front of the Pomona Post Office, during the evening hours of June 8.

Our plates do not resemble the Disabled American Veteran plates issued by the State of Kansas. I’m eligible for a “wheelchair” plate in Texas, but chose the “Non-Wheelchair” DAV plate. I will change my plates to the design bearing the wheelchair to avoid any confusion in the future. The dealership frame covered the portion of the plate reading, “Disabled Veteran — U.S. Armed Forces.”

I was told by my late father-in-law, who served in law enforcement for both Franklin County and the City of Ottawa following World War II, that I could park in any space with my current plates. The June 8 incident was the first instance in which I’d experienced any complaints as I’ve parked in handicapped parking spaces in Ottawa in the past to visit the District Attorney’s Office, district court and department of public safety.

It was great to be back in Franklin County to visit. I was commissioned as a second lieutenant in 1985 at the University of Kansas and left for intelligence officer school in Denver, Colo. I regretted leaving Franklin County, as it is “home.” I served as chief of security for a counter-drug unit in the Republic of Panama and also specialized as a counter-terrorism analyst.

I dearly love and miss Franklin County. It always will be one of my favorite places to live on this old planet. Some of the finest folks I’ve ever met live in Franklin County.

Thanks for listening and, once again — my apologies.


— Jed J. Rogers, major, United States Air Force Reserve, retired, disabled American veteran, son-in-law of the late James A  Richardson, major, United States Air National Guard, retired