At the Kansas State Convention in Salina, Connie Jacobs and Bruce Groninger were voted into office for the Kansas Square Dance Association. Starting July 1, they take on the responsibilities as second vice president where they are directly responsible for publications and publicity statewide for square dancing, for organization of districts, and “The Showcase of Ideas” for Kansas at the National Convention next year in Little Rock, Ark. Other responsibilities will also be performed by Connie and Bruce as directed by the president.

Jacobs and Groninger are members of the Ottawa Promenaders, a square dance club.

Connie said that doctors are finding out that square dancing is much better than first thought. The cardio workout associated with dancing helps to enrich the mind and body. It is said that going to one square dance could burn as many as 1,200 calories. It’s also great for your mind as you hear the calls and react to each call, let alone the hugs and laughter you get at just one dance.

With one of the best square dance magazines in the nation published in Topeka, an upcoming proposal is being developed for a digital magazine providing another avenue to let dancers know of local and faraway dances.

Lessons for most clubs will began in the fall.