I recently went to a graduation where quite a few students graduated. We went early to get good seats, as generally there are a lot of people who go. To my amazement, there was no main speaker to encourage the students in their coming future.

Isnít it funny that they donít want you to mention Jesus anymore for fear of hurting someoneís feelings? Yet the name of Jesus can come up at the butt end of a joke and everybody can have a laugh? In the past several years, there have been objections to the use† of Jesusí name in speeches for fear of the American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU, bringing a lawsuit to the school, and principals caved in and cut out a portion of the graduation ceremony where a main speaker may give words of encouragement to the students.

I think itís high time Americans ought to stand up and defend that right for a main speaker to use the name of Jesus. And if it offends someone so much that he or she would not attend the ceremony, so be it.

ó Stan Lloyd,