Redistricting has provided Ottawa and Franklin County with an enormous opportunity. Now that the entire city is within House District 59, we will have an individual from Franklin County in Topeka, a site we have not seen in about two decades. 

Blaine Finch is the obvious and superlative Republican choice for House District 59. He is the definition of homegrown; he attended high school in Ottawa and college at Ottawa University. Now, he continues to live in Ottawa, fighting for individual liberties as an attorney.

Besides being the local candidate in the Republican race, Finch is equipped with the working experience necessary to tackle the pressing issues in Kansas. The biggest issue facing Kansans is the economy, and as a business owner and job-creator, Finch understands what it takes to create jobs. Furthermore, he has experience bringing in businesses as the Franklin County Development Council interim director. These are vital attributes our state desperately needs. 

But most importantly, Finch has integrity and character, something you do not hear a lot in politics today. Unlike his opponent, who moved from Douglas County to Ottawa a month ago to be in this district, Finch isn’t running for personal or political gain, he is running because he cares about the future of Ottawa and Franklin County. 

It is plain to see that there is no comparison; Blaine Finch is the best Republican candidate that will represent our community and voice in Topeka for House District 59. Please join me Aug. 7 as I vote for local values, jobs, character and integrity by voting Blaine Finch for State Representative.

— Zach George, Ottawa