Now that the election of our government officials is past, I think it is time for us as citizens to ask that there be some reforms made in our election and campaign structure. We have grown tired of the many months of negative ads and campaign speeches. Other countries get along very well having a much shorter time of campaigning. In Australia, they have only 120 days; in England, only 90 days; and in Canada, a much shorter period than we do.

What happens now in our country is that those who have been elected will begin campaigning again as soon as they are sworn in. So, instead of working for us, the public, they will be working to get elected once more.

Another problem is what the U.S. Supreme Court did about those who contribute to the campaigns. Now with PACs — the Political Action Committees that contribute — there is no limit on what can be contributed. Neither can we tell who is doing the contributing, because we do not know who belongs to these PACs. We should go back to only individual contributions and a limit of $100,000 from any one person.

And finally, there should be a limitation of terms in office. Plus this option: That when they retire they receive the same Social Security benefits the average citizen receives, according to the wages they have earned — rather than getting their full salaries for the rest of their lives.

It is time to contact our politicians and let them know how we feel.

— Earl J. Zimmerman, Ottawa