Williamsburg residents came together June 29 to build a new playground in the city park. It was an uplifting day with about 50 community members who joined in the erection of our new playground. Financial contributions toward the project came from three sources: the City of Williamsburg, the Williamsburg Recreation Commission and Jeff Link. Link has been working diligently on the project for the past seven years.

Link recognized, while Williamsburg was conducting a free dump weekend, about seven years ago, that a large amount of recyclables were being discarded. He specifically focused on scrap metals. During the next couple of days, Link and Jon Horne (now Williamsburg Mayor) drove around loading scrap metal, junk appliances and other items that could be salvaged for cash. The efforts of that weekend evolved into an idea that Link turned into a fundraising campaign for the benefit of the City of Williamsburg. In time, Link had a roll-off dumpster brought in to town for residents to use to dispose of their unwanted scrap metals, and the community bought into his vision.

Link still is managing the program today, and it currently brings multiple benefits to our community.

It helps keep the town clean up of unwanted items that can become an eyesore.

It encourages adults and educates children on the benefits of recycling.

It generates revenue to make improvements within the community.

It gives residents an opportunity to be part of something great.

As parents, we know that our children will benefit from the efforts and dedication of Jeff Link and want to take a minute to give credit where credit is due. Thanks, Jeff!

Matt and Heather Froggatte,