It’s December already. How can the time go so fast? We are busy planning programming for the end of this year and the beginning of 2013. As often happens with programs, I’m asking for your help. We are going to need some of the following things for crafting: wooden beads to use for doll heads, tops from old perfume bottles, broken jewelry, jewelry beads and old neckties. If you have any cones from yarn or thread, those also would be helpful. Besides these things, we still can use your old worn-out items for our deconstruction projects. Remember, we can use keyboards, but not monitors from computers. The children have had great fun taking apart old phones. Deconstruction always is a work in progress and we have learned as we have deconstructed. We have found that irons do not come apart — they might not work, but they don’t deconstruct ... so no irons please.

We could use any books you have with old, yellowed, pages and interesting covers. Cyndi and I would like to do at least one repurposed book craft this next year.

Our eighth year of “Storytime at the Depot” will be 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Dec. 11 at the Old Depot Museum. Please come join us and share a part of Ottawa history as well as Christmas stories, delicious cocoa and candy canes.

Leanna Heth is a librarian in the children’s department at the Ottawa Library.