Linda Brown’s “Christmas Wish List” opinion column, published Nov. 29 in The Ottawa Herald, lacked journalistic integrity, clarity of understanding of constitutional issues and respect for the office of the president of the United States.  

To what “war” on our most sacred and revered of holidays is Brown referring? The Constitution does contain the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment, which combined with the 14th Amendment, has allowed the courts to consistently prohibit schools from becoming excessively entangled with any religion. Therefore schools, by law, cannot endorse Islamic, Jewish or even Christian holidays. Brown’s plan to “run school district leaders out of town on a rail” for adhering to the law of the land lacks judicial integrity. Similar to Mitt Romney, what Brown fails to understand when she writes that parents should pull their kids out of public schools and send them to private schools, is that for 53 percent of us, that is not an option financially.

Also on her “wish list” is the demise of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s health care reform legislation. Brown attempts to make it appear as if insurance companies have only our best interests in mind; and now that they will be held more accountable by the federal government, they will implode financially. That same argument was used when Obama enacted consumer protection laws to protect consumers against predatory lenders. Has anyone noticed bankers or credit card company executives in the unemployment lines yet?

Finally, for Brown to write (and for the editors to permit) the written words that the president of the United States should “shut up” is deplorable and juvenile. She writes that the president speaks in dithering, double speak, and propensity for half- truths, which is ironic coming from Linda Brown. I would ask: How does the president endanger the fine young men and women serving in our military? By ending two wars during his administration. He certainly is not the usurper to the Oval Office that she claims; the American people (from many different ethnic and religious backgrounds) proved that on Election Day. As far as the president being the international embarrassment she claims, it took her man Mitt Romney only seven days abroad to offend even our most staunch allies.

Your weekly pandering to conservative readership is as transparent as Mitt Romney’s 47 percent speech to wealthy contributors. No matter what political affiliation one claims, there should be a respect for the office of the president of United States, a fact that even most second-graders know. But then again, most second-graders know that the words “shut up” are bad words and shouldn’t be used ... well, most second-graders I know in public school.   

— Robert Allen, Ottawa