I thought I’d give my two cents on the pit bull controversy.

I read electric meters for 21 years in the Kansas City metro and in the rural Ottawa area. My experience with the vast majority of the pit bulls that I came into contact with is that they are much more aggressive than the average family pet.

A pit bull does not show a normal amount of wariness when it encounters a person it doesn’t know. Normal canine behavior is that it will attempt to circle around behind a person so it can inflict a bite to the back of the person’s leg. Most pit bulls have no inhibitions about a frontal attack. They will come straight at you, and they are ready to bite.

My suggestion to the Ottawa City Commission is to get testimony from those folks who are most likely to come into contact with dogs on a regular basis during their daily jobs. This group would include police officers, animal control officers and meter readers. These people are the experts because they’ve interacted with a wide variety of different dog breeds and probably have experienced what typical pit bull behavior is.

My opinion is that the city’s ban should remain in place because I know firsthand how dangerous many pit bulls can be.

— Larry Hawkins,