TOPEKA — House Minority Leader Paul Davis, a Democratic legislator seeking the governor’s seat, said Monday lawmakers shouldn’t wait any longer to restore funding to education.

“Our children can never reclaim the opportunities they were denied as a result of state budget cuts, but we can act now and set things right,” Davis said. “After years of waiting for Gov. Sam Brownback to properly fund schools, Kansas kids deserve action.”

The Legislature recently was ordered by the Kansas Supreme Court to restore about $130 million in capital outlay and equalization funds, Davis said, and his colleagues should understand the urgency of making the school funding fix.

“According to Deputy Commissioner of Education Dale Dennis, if the equity issue is not fixed by July 1, every single school district could lose all its local revenue, which accounts for as much as 25 percent of their total funding,” a release from Davis’ office said.

The Democrat leader said lawmakers should avoid “schemes to sidestep the ruling” or “raid other funding sources.”