I could not help but take notice of the comments in the March 13 Herald by Jeff Richards, Franklin County Republican Central Committee chairman, which were repeated in Jeanny Sharp’s editorial, about the low turnout for Saturday’s Republican caucus for Franklin and Anderson counties.

In case you missed it, Richards said, “ ... We ... had three ... high school basketball teams in the county that were playing in the state [tournament] so I think that contributed to [the attendance].”

I guess that pretty well sums it up. Are we more interested in high school basketball than we are in the future of our country? Is this not the perfect example of apathy? Are these the same folks who will wring their hands and complain when things don’t go their way in the next administration? Will these same people stay away from the polls when their local councilmen, sheriff, mayor, representatives and senators are on the ballot?

Maybe we need to be sure the basketball tournaments are not scheduled to conflict with elections. Or better yet, schedule both of them at the same venue so that those who attend the tournament have to pass through the election booths.

 — Richard Warren, Ottawa