POMONA — Chris Mickelson wants to get his players experience, he said. The coming season for the West Franklin boys golf team will be about learning to compete with some of the best in the Flint Hills League.

“[My goal is] just to get them out there and get some experience,” Mickelson, West Franklin head golf coach, said. “Let them play some different courses and teach them the game of golf. I still want to compete and win, but we have a lot of work to do if we are going to compete with some of the teams in the Flint Hills League.”

The Falcons have 13 total players out this year, including six returners from last year’s squad, which only had seven total players, Mickelson said. Though his team has nearly doubled in size this year, it will be a learning experience for many of the players.

“Pretty much 90 percent of the team last year had never played golf before, so this will pretty much be their second year playing golf,” he said. “There are some new kids that are coming out that play quite a bit with their fathers and it sounds like they play a lot over the weekend, and it sounds like they did pretty good.”

The West Franklin boys golf team kicks off its season April 15 in Emporia, Mickelson said.