Lengthy stays for out-of-county offenders at the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center led to a hefty fee for Osage County.

Osage County reimbursed Franklin County nearly $26,000 in the fourth quarter of 2012 to house some of its juvenile offenders. Ethel Wallace, juvenile detention director, recently presented the detention center’s quarterly report to the Franklin County Board of Commissioners. 

Eleven Osage County juvenile offenders were housed at Franklin County’s 226 Beech St., facility in the latter part of the year. While Franklin County housed 14 of its juvenile offenders at the facility, Osage County’s youths stayed 92 more days than the Franklin County youths.  

The long-term stay for the out-of-county youths helps fund the facility, Wallace told the board, and helped bring in additional funds last quarter. 

The facility also housed six Anderson County juvenile offenders, 13 Miami County youths and one out-of-state runaway. Youths from all the counties spent a total of 571 days in the facility. 

The larger, 14-cell facility — with an option to house as many as 28 youths — allows Franklin County to gain additional revenue by offering detention facilities to other counties, Wallace said previously. 

Various offenses, including felonies, misdemeanors and runaways, led to a total of 66 intakes for the fourth quarter, the report showed. Thirty-five juvenile offenders were returned to their parents or guardians, 12 remained in detention and 19 were placed in other facilities as a result of child-in-need-of-care cases, Wallace said.