The Jan. 9 meeting of the Sigma Chapter of ADK was at the Ottawa City Hall meeting room, hosted by Virginia Cook and Lila Reekie.

For the program, members assembled Valentine TLC Bags and wrote Valentines for Veterans at Colmery-O’Neil VA Hospital in Topeka. Virginia and Therese Payne will take them to Topeka.

Members enjoyed soup and chili before the meeting.

Vice President Bonnie Walz presided over the meeting. The opening prayer was given by Nancy Fischer.  Roll call was answered by 10 members sharing their New Year’s resolution.

Virginia made a motion to accept the minutes as written, which was seconded by Liz Smith and passed. Cindy Ayers shared the treasurer’s report, which was approved by consensus. Lila made a motion that any new monies over and beyond the $250 collected from the No Bake Sale for the literature festival would be used for new Altruistic projects. Liz seconded the motion, which passed.

Virginia submitted a bill for $15 for the purchase of pages for the historian’s book. Liz made a motion to pay Virginia $15 for the pages she purchased. Cindy seconded the motion, which passed.

Vice President Bonnie Walz shared highlights of the state president’s letter from Del Jo Broadrick. By June 1, a signed certificate needs to be sent to headquarters verifying the club’s tax exempt status. April 20 is the District III meeting in Iola. Members will be making table decorations and favors for the District III meeting and providing a basket.

The club received a note from State President Del Jo that she will be attending the club’s March 12 meeting and author’s dinner. Barb Engel will send a reminder card to her.

For new business, Lila was asked to send a thank you to Belinda Payne for donating the items used in the Valentine care packages for the veterans. Members were asked to send Valentine cards to some of the members that have been unable to attend.

The next meeting was 5 p.m. Feb. 12 at the Ottawa City Hall meeting room, hosted by Liz and Cindy.

The meeting closed with the singing of “The Lamp of ADK.

After, members finished assembling the Valentine care packages for veterans.

Those attending were Cindy Ayers, Virginia Cook, JoAnn Duvall, Nancy Fischer, Gloria Kruse, Patty Nelson, Janet Radcliffe, Lila Reekie, Liz Smith and Bonnie Walz.

— Submitted by

Patty Nelson,

recording secretary