The Newland-Rockhold family reunion was Oct. 1 at Centropolis.The organizers were Norma Sconce, Baldwin City, and Charlene Rockhold, Centropolis.Lori and Hannah Fleming, Burleson, Texas, came the farthest. Devon Coates, 4 1/2, was the youngest. Thelma Randel was the senior princess. Marti and Drexel Rockhold were there for the first time.Three pairs of newlyweds were Casey and Cybill (Milburn) Coates, June 6; Charles and Deborah (Bales) Cook, Feb. 14; and Kandi (Rockhold) and Tim Nellessen, Jan. 9. Longest married were Rose Marie and Gayle Cook, who celebrated their 61st anniversary Feb. 14.George A. Rockhold (1833-1919) had two daughters who wed two of George A. Newland’s (1833-1922) sons. Devon and Dalton Coates, Hannah Fleming, Jacob and Rosie Holbert were seventh generation children in attendance.Delicious potluck and reminiscing were enjoyed by all.Those in attendance were Barb, George and Jennifer Goff, Norma and Scott Sconce, Dudley Gilliland, Thelma and Lee Randel, Dan and Jennifer Coates and their children, Britten and Riley, of Baldwin City; Keith and Charlene Rockhold, of Centropolis; Casey and Cybill Coates, of Lebo; Dallas, Dalton and Devon Coates, of Emporia; Jim and Florence Gilliland, Pam Bone, Becki, Jacob and Rosie Holbert, of Lawrence; Charles and Deborah Cook and Brian Harmon, of Michigan Valley; Jay and Doreen Newland and Manon, of Mound City; Rose Marie and Gayle Cook, of Osage City; Cassie and Hunter Rockhold, Brenda and Kenny Roberts, Cecil and Jennifer Rockhold and Julie, Jake, Johnnie and Rosie Mendez, of Ottawa; Andrew Coates, of Paola; Glenn and Tammy Rockhold, Kandi Nellessen, David and Gloria Coates and Andrew, Jill, Austin and Alli Nitcher, of Pomona; Ann and Richard Suddarth, Lisa Young, Kendal and Penny Anderson, of Wellsville; Drexel and Marti Rockhold, Council Bluff, Iowa; and Lori and Hannah Fleming, of Burleson, Texas.