WELLSVILLE — A motorcyclist involved in a fatal wreck Sunday morning has been identified.

Charles H. Hale, 48, Wellsville, was killed after he lost control of the 2001 Harley Davidson motorcycle he was riding Sunday morning, law enforcement announced Monday morning. Hale was traveling on Vermont Road, northwest of Wellsville, when he apparently lost control of the motorcycle coming around a curve, Jerrod Fredricks, of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, said.

While an exact cause of the fatal wreck is not yet known, Fredricks said the morning’s thick fog might have played a factor. 

“I believe at 7:29 in the morning, it was close to zero visibility. It was not good visibility at all,” Fredricks said. “So it’s quite possible the fog had something to do with it.”

Responders did not find any obstructions in the roadway that Hale might have hit, Fredricks said.

A passer-by called in the wreck to the sheriff’s office’s dispatch center at 7:29 a.m. Sunday, Fredricks said. When emergency responders arrived at the scene, Hale already was dead. Hale, who was not wearing a helmet, was found lying next to his motorcycle, about 100 feet from the road on the west side. It is unclear how long Hale had been there before the wreck was called in.

“Evidence at the scene seemed to show that he had been there for some time, we’re not exactly sure exactly how long he had been there,” Fredricks said.

A family member had indicated that the last time the person had spoken to Hale was about 5 p.m. Saturday, Fredricks said, but the sheriff’s office does not think Hale had been at the scene for that long.

The family has been notified of Hale’s death.