OKLAHOMA CITY Gov. Lee Cruce today awaited further news before ordering the militia to Jay, Okla., where a mob threatened trouble over the location of the county seat. It is reported a serious clash is imminent. One hundred armed men are patrolling the streets in Jay around the courthouse to prevent the moving of the records to New Jay. At New Jay, half a mile distant, 200 deputies were sworn in to capture the records and move them there. Deputy Sheriff Shelton was shot at three times by Old Jay men who disarmed him and forced him to leave town. The records were ordered to the new town by the old board of county commissioners. The new board is sworn in in January and probably will order the records left at Old Jay.

EL DORADO The principal of the Leon school and 35 pupils were egged while on their way home from El Dorado, after winning a debate with the El Dorado school. Detectives were employed today to learn who threw the eggs. Only two of the party escaped being hit. There have been bitter feelings between the towns since last summer when Leon youths attacked El Dorado youths who were calling on girls in Leon.

The members of the Princeton Hunting Club, their wives and families will enjoy a big supper tomorrow evening at the Smith Hall in Princeton. The club members have had no hunts this winter, but the supper is being given with the reserve funds in the treasury. Plans are being made to serve more than 100 guests.

The new Santa Fe time card, which went into effect last Sunday, shows the name of Woodlief station northeast of Ottawa changed to Tauy. It is said that the desire for shorter station names where practicable is the cause assigned for the change by the Santa Fe officials. If sentiment counts for anything with a railway corporation, a good many Franklin County people believe that the name of Woodlief should have been retained on the list of Santa Fe stations. The Woodlief family have owned and resided on the land surrounding since 1877 and the Woodlief home near the station is one of the best known landmarks in the county. It is probable that the matter will be presented to the Santa Fe officials and a request made to have the old name restored to the station whenever a new time card is issued. A new station building is now being erected and Woodlief or rather Tauy station is otherwise being improved.

A.B. Chapin, an artist on the staff of the Kansas City Star, spent today in Ottawa preparing to feature and otherwise expose a few Ottawa buildings on the pages of The Star. Mr. Chapin has been freelancing around Missouri and Kansas with his pencil in the last few days making sketches of the persons and buildings that look interesting to him.