A county vehicle apparently still is in use despite being cleared for sale, and one county official said she wants to know why.

Shari Perry, Franklin County clerk, questioned three members of the Franklin County Board of Commissioners Wednesday about why a 2007 Ford Expedition has yet to be sold when it was cleared for surplus sale in August.

“You agreed to sell this Expedition, and it has still not been done,” Perry said to the board during the public comment section of the meeting. “In your minutes, you did agree to sell it. So what are we doing with it?”

Perry said the issue should be put on the board’s agenda, adding that Franklin County Sheriff Jeff Curry should be asked to give a reason why the vehicle has not been sold.

Curry was not at Wednesday’s meeting because he was attending a continuing education course in Hutchinson, Jerrod Fredricks, master deputy with the sheriff’s office, said.

The board did not indicate if it would put the item on the agenda of a coming meeting.  

The 2007 Ford Expedition was approved for sale during an Aug. 22 board meeting, according to that meeting’s minutes. The vehicle, which was purchased four years ago, did not have a police package and was costing the office a substantial amount in repair costs, Curry said at the August meeting.

“Unfortunately, it was not designed for the rigors that pursuit driving puts on these vehicles,” Curry said previously. “Because of that, we have spent in excess of $6,000 in maintenance on that vehicle alone, and we expect that those expenses are going to increase as long as we keep that vehicle.”

The resale value on the Expedition was expected to be between $3,000 and $7,000, Curry said.

Perry said the board should pass a resolution ordering Curry to sell the surplus property. The county clerk noted the board previously passed resolutions relating to her and her actions in office.

At the August meeting, the decisions regarding how and when the vehicle would be sold were left to the sheriff, Commissioner Ed Taylor said.

Lisa Johnson, county administrator and counselor, said she had asked Curry several times about the unsold vehicle.

“At the meeting, the sheriff was going to look into the various options for the sale of the vehicle,” she said. “I’ve asked him multiple times and been told he was still looking at the options.”

Also at the Aug. 22 meeting, Curry requested the board approve the purchase of a 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe to use as a K-9 unit for the sheriff’s office. The vehicle, which had about 49,000 miles on it at the time of sale, was purchased for about $19,000 from the surplus property of the Kansas Highway Patrol. That vehicle has been delivered to the sheriff’s office and has been in use for about three weeks, Fredricks said. Curry previously said, however, the new vehicle would be purchased with funds from the sale of the Expedition, as well as money from the sheriff trust fund.