Ottawa city commissioners Wednesday tabled a discussion about a proposed employee classification and compensation study until a future meeting.

Melissa Fairbanks, the city’s human resources director, said the city’s comprehensive study review team is recommending St. Louis-based CBIZ Human Capital Services perform the study at a bid of $30,250.

Gene Ramsey, city commissioner, expressed reservations about spending that much money on the study.

“I hate to go against city staff, and this is no reflection on our staff, because I think we have an excellent staff,” Ramsey said. “I just think that $30,000 is a lot of money to spend on this study when we are trying to make improvements to parks and build sidewalks. I would like to see us try to complete this study internally.”

Linda Reed, city commissioner, said she would like to discuss the proposal further. Fairbanks said a CBIZ representative would be happy to attend a coming city study session to discuss the study and answer commissioners’ questions.

Fairbanks told commissioners the city had not conducted a comprehensive compensation and classification study in about 10 years.

Commissioners agreed to table action on the proposed study Wednesday for future discussion.