President Tobie Roberts called the Junior Judgers February 4-H meeting to order. Roll call was answered with “Who is your valentine?”

The 4-H club decided to have a Walk Kansas team of six.

During the program, Philip Swank did a demonstration on how to make a snowflake out of craft sticks, markers and glue. Allison Swank did a project talk on leather. She brought her chaps. Sarah Wright, first-grader, did her first 4-H talk on ice cream cupcakes. She brought samples, and they were enjoyed. The Junior Judgers had a Valentine’s Day party.

Recreation was the Ameba game. Virginia Wright led the game with the kids hooking their pinkies together with the closest person. Sarah Stoneking and Morgan Barber won.

Kristina Swank led a chocolate challenge, which consisted of members holding a Hershey in their mouth and whoever held it without swallowing it or chewing it won a candy bar. There was a four-way tie between Alex, Sarah W., Philip and Virginia.

Wyatt Wright led the club in “I Wanna Hot Cup of Cocoa” song. Announcements were: County council will have a food drive for Hope House March 24; Feb. 15 is County Club Days at West Franklin High; next meeting is 7 p.m. March 3 at Richter church.

Members ended with the motto: to make the best better.

— Submitted by Sarah Ruth Stoneking