The Herald’s June 9-10 guest editorial, “State shouldn’t fear science standards on evolution,” one more time used the standard bias bully defense for one of the most unproven scientific theories ever promoted — that being the theory of evolution.

The editorial said Kansans who do not blindly accept evolution as fact are the butt of many jokes and Kansas schools are ridiculed. This statement gave the standard tone always given to try to diminish those who dare question whether evolution is indeed a proven fact. Then the editorial used the standard diversion tactic, saying that any opposition to the theory of evolution is simply caused by religion, therefore it should be ignored.

The distortion and untruth of the editorial statement, that science has proven the theory of evolution as fact, is simply this: Many “scientists” (not religion) do not believe the facts prove the theory of evolution. However, the evolutionists are now so in control they use political power to shut down such scientists for fear of them exposing the lack of facts and weak facts that are being used to say this is a settled issue.

Here is the real truth about the political aspect of this debate: Most of the scientists and teachers receive their jobs and income from government sources, like colleges and government research entities. When a scientist or teacher (not religion) even hints he or she questions the “facts” of evolution, that person will not be hired or, if he or she already has a job, will be fired or diminished. Like many things, this is about money and political power — not about science, truth and honesty.

Why would any scientist looking for truth not be willing to have his or her theories questioned by other scientists? That is not happening in America on this issue. Sadly, one reason probably is because there are those in power who so hate religion they refuse to allow honest scientific debate about the “facts” of evolution even among scientists. You have to give them credit, the sure way to win the debate is to get rid of anyone who would question their facts or have the desire to do so.

The real issue is that, for many, the few supposed facts of evolution have huge unexplainable gaps and holes that require a real stretch of the imagination to believe in order to make the theory work.

I still remember in high school science class being led to take as fact a picture of seven images that began with an ape and gradually looked like man. In life today, I see the ape is still here and I see the last man, but there is not a single bit of proof of any of the five men in between. What I was led to believe was science really was just art and imagination.

It’s a pure hoax. It’s not about just religion; it’s about real facts that simply do not yet exist.

I am proud to be a Kansan, living in a state where others question the facts and refuse to let people bully them to accept very questionable science.


— John Comstock, Ottawa