Dear eBay Queen: I’m dealing with a real nightmare of a buyer who now is threatening negative feedback, and she says it “won’t be nice!” I listed several collectible Fenton glass bells. I listed them individually, between $10 to $25 each. There were several bells, and two of them had small chips on the rims. One other was listed for $4.99 because of damage on the back side. The buyer wanted a deal for all of them sold together. I sold them for $80 and free shipping.

The buyer received the bells and sent me an email asking for more Fenton bells (out of my own collection) because of the damage to the two chipped bells. I didn’t want a problem, so I mailed her two other bells from my collection for free. I went way, way above fair and reasonable for this buyer.

The second package arrived and the buyer threw a virtual fit saying two of the bells had damage that was never mentioned in our previous conversation and demanded more from me to make it right. I reminded her of our earlier conversations and showed photos from original listings where damage was disclosed on the original two bells and that the new ones I sent had no damage. She still wanted more.

I offered a partial refund, and she wanted another bell. I did not have the one she wanted, so she looked through my listings and bought a collection of Hallmark Barbie Ornaments from me. Again, I gave her a deal on the set and included free shipping. I wrapped them so tightly and put layer upon layer of bubble wrap between each box, triple padded the box, Fort Knox style! You couldn’t have damaged them if you took a sledgehammer to them! She sent a message saying, “You did it to me again???!” She ranted and threw another fit. Said I shipped her broken ornaments and didn’t disclose it. All of the ornaments were mint with no damage.

I emailed her back and asked for a photo of the damage. She refuses to send me a photo. She just sent a message saying how the “set is now worthless and she’s taking a loss, don’t bother.” This morning I got a message saying, “I will leave my feedback for this item ... and it won’t be nice!” Unbelievable! I sent a response simply stating my apologies for the dissatisfaction, and again asking for a photo of the damage. How do I handle this ungrateful buyer who I have bent over backwards for? — Bent out of Shape, Joplin, Mo.

Dear Bent: You have gone far and above what I would have done. I would have asked her to send the original items back for a full refund, and not have sent her a single extra thing. These types of people give eBay buyers a bad name. It is my opinion that buyers like this should be kicked off eBay for good. The only way that is going to be done is for you to report to her eBay. To do this you need to go to and follow the directions to report your buyer.

Here’s information about reporting buyers:

If this buyer leaves negative feedback, I would consider it a learning experience, and respond to the feedback by saying: “Offered full refund, buyer wanted to keep the items plus receive free stuff.”

It is very important to report this buyer. You don’t want her to continue this unreasonable rampage with other eBay sellers. I hope that eBay sees this buyer for what she is, and that if you are left negative feedback, eBay removes it.

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