You know a grocery store at Ninth and Main streets might be great if the prices were right. But do we honestly need another business selling beer and or liquor? Arenít there enough places to by the stuff now? I think we have four liquor stores, two or maybe three private clubs, two large grocery stores and every gas station in town now selling alcoholic beverages of one kind or another ... Do we really need another one?

Iíam all for more grocery stores. Iíd love to have one on the north side of town, and I really think the north side would support one, preferably without the booze. With all the DWIs and DUIs I see in the newspaper, along with domestic abuse, the last thing we need is a store selling alcohol in neighborhoods and within walking distance of a Christian college. Itís too bad our city leaders and Wynndee Lee think money from liquor sales is more important than good clean neighborhood stores.

I can remember when grocery stores were just that and you could find one every three or four blocks. Now we have to drive 9 miles or more one way ó more than that if you live farther out than we do. This is a real problem for senior citizens who no longer drive, as well as for those who have no transportation.

To me, it just doesnít seem right to put a business that sells alcohol on property that has had a house of God for so long. Neighborhoods are for families and people to have a home. Not a business that sells booze.

ó Shirley Coffman, Ottawa