The pace did not play in Ottawa High School girls’ favor Friday in Spring Hill.

The Broncos kept the pace slow, and it worked. Spring Hill stopped the Cyclones, 35-27.

“He slowed us way down,” Ottawa coach Kelli Fischer said of Bronco coach Clay Frigon. “That took us out of our game. The girls did not know how to react. We panicked and tried to hurry.”

Ottawa showed its lack of experience in that situation.

“We are a young team,” Fischer said. “We talk about maturity. We showed a little immaturity. When things go wrong, we didn’t buckle down and dig in. We shut down.”

Ottawa had a hard time generating the offense the whole game. Ottawa did not reach double figures in any quarter.

“We did not shoot well,” Fischer said. “They were giving us the wide-open 15-footers...and then 10-footers. We could not hit one. They kept us off the boards. They got second-chance shots and 50-50 balls.”

Another area that was missing was the intensity, Fischer said.

Ottawa (10-10) plays 6 p.m. Thursday against defending 4A state champion Wamego in Baldwin.

“We are getting ready to battle the No. 1 team in the state,” Fischer said. “I think we will step up. Baldwin is like our home floor.”

Corie Fischer led Ottawa with 16 points.

Spring Hill (35) — Danzant 6, Mikesell 4, Baker 21, Smith 2, Hoffman 2.

Ottawa (27) — Moore 8, Foster 2, Natt 1, Fischer 16.