The bugs — and there were plenty of them — have at last been worked out of the new system that was installed to make registering a vehicle simpler.

Safe to say it wasn’t simpler.

Delays and long lines were the norm since its inception.

But the state claimed this week that the heartburn caused by the transition from a paper-driven process to an electronic one is finally over and that life will begin to become easier — at least where registering a vehicle is concerned.

The Kansas Department of Revenue said it has processed more than 2 million customer transactions with the new system — a milestone that would give some credence to its claim that the system would eventually work efficiently.

That wasn’t the case last spring. The complaints began almost immediately. The computer systems crashed, and some folks waited through long lines only to find that they were not able to register their vehicles with the new  $40 million computer system.

In June, the state reported it would not pay the final 10 percent due on the system until 3M improved the program. It took some time, but, as stated, the bugs appear to have been worked out.

Change is always tough — and sometimes it is made more difficult by the gremlins that can gum up the works. In the end, this is a transition that had to take place. In the end, the state has come through it and things will be simpler.

Breathe easier. A trip to the DMV — an annual inconvenience always placed near the top of the list of things no one wants to do — may now become a simple and quick task.

— The Hutchinson News