Iíve made my list and checked it twice. Ironically, the thing this conservative woman wants most this Christmas season is for all the naughtiness to be replaced with something nice ó or at least sensible.

I wish the war being waged on one of our most sacred and revered holidays would come to an end. Iím of course referring to Christmas.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say the government can ban Christmas; it says the government canít endorse one religion as the official religion. The school district leaders who have taken Christmas out of school pageants and concerts and replaced it with the celebration of winter ought to be run out of town on a rail.

Someone please tell me why itís not OK to have a Christmas tree in a public school, but itís front-page news when the Christmas tree is delivered to the governorsí mansions or the White House.

Itís time for parents to take a stand ó and I donít mean just the atheist parents ó and confront school officials demanding they stop this nonsense, or pull their kids out of the public education system and put them in private schools. If there is a single thing public school officials understand around the country, itís a lack of students on the official ďcountingĒ day (when the number of students present determines the amount of government funding theyíll receive).

I wish the presidentís health care bill would die a horrible death. Itís a trillion-dollar debacle that will force private insurers out of business, run talented people out of the medical profession and further socialize this country. You want to save health care? Allow insurance companies to sell across state lines.

I wish every politician in Washington, D.C., had to live in the same world where the rest of us live. I wish they had the same health care options ó and costs; the same taxation rates; the same retirement and pension funds; the same costs for travel, food, entertainment, education, parking, etc.

In other words, if they truly want us all to be on an even playing field, they need to put a little skin in the game too.

Instead, they strut around like a bunch of little Napoleons who think theyíre smarter and know better whatís best for us. How on earth could they know whatís good for us if theyíve never lived like us?

And finally, I wish Barack Obama would shut up. His dithering, double-speak and propensity for half-truths continues to endanger the fine men and women serving in our military, the future of this nation and the well-being of her citizenry. He should be ashamed of hanging us all out to dry while masterminding his next photo op.

The guy is a international embarrassment and a usurper to the Oval Office.

Linda Brown is marketing director for The Ottawa Herald. Email her at lbrown@ottawaherald.com