The question on who to vote for in the April 2 West Franklin school board election is a no-brainer.

Either you are in favor or you are against taxing yourself $16,016,000,00 for 30 years, consolidating our three schools, closing Appanoose school and  museum, closing Williamsburgs school, and taking the chance you will have to pay these outrageous taxes, not only on your house, but all of your personal property for 30 more years.

The people who have proposed all of this, along with vowing to continue this rampant spending of taxpayer dollars, include the current school board and superintendent.

The new candidates in the race — Carol Scott Hamilton, Position 4, Appanoose; Jackie Robbins, Position 2, Pomona; Daniel Arnett and Carrie Lira, Position 5, Pomona; Matt Froggatte and Bruce Rockhold, Position 6, Williamsburg — have vowed to listen to the patrons, keep the spending of taxpayer dollars to a minimum, repair our existing buildings with some of the $4.6 million our district has in different  places in our budget, and, most importantly, see that our children are getting the best education possible (as they have been).

You already know from past history that the current school board has chosen to go against the will of the people who have participated in surveys regarding the bond issue and consolidation, and they have chosen to spend taxpayer dollars unwisely.

Therefore, we are asking for your support April 2 to elect new school board members to replace the incumbents.

— Concerned Patrons of West Franklin 287,

Dianne Macoubrie, treasurer