As a person who has been in Osawatomie State Hospital in 2002 and 2012, I can tell you that Sam Brownback has turned it from a place of refuge for the mentally ill into hell on earth.

Gee, let’s get 25 mentally ill people in a room and take their cigarettes away and see what happens. You know you’re in trouble when the patients make more sense than the staff.

You’re throwing good food away. Some of these people are hungry.

I’m 57 years old and I’ve got to ask some idiot to go to the bathroom because Brownback is convinced we’re all getting drunk on water.

I was in the quiet room reading positive thoughts, and one of them said just lie down, nothing’s that important. I can’t lie down, they got my room locked. I have to sleep on the floor (my medication makes me sleepy, and the idiots give it to me in the morning).

What’s Brownback’s solution for mental illness? A good dose of the Bible and boot camp. Thank God for me my trips to the place are few and far between. My heart goes out to the people who will live there the rest of their lives or until Brownback throws them into the street.

— Peter F. Nicholson,