[Editor’s note: The following letter is part of  a series of letters submitted to The Herald by instructor Missy Normile’s sixth-grade language arts students at Ottawa Middle School.]

We need more bike lanes in my hometown, Ottawa. I want this to happen because a few years ago my brother got into a crash with someone who was walking down the sidewalk. They didn’t get hurt, but it bent his wheel on his bike.

If this happens, there will be less money spent on bikes and less people will get hurt if they’re on a bike lane. Also, if this happens, people can have more room on the sidewalk if they’re walking or running.

People still can ride their bikes on the sidewalk, but it still would make room from people who do ride on the bike lanes. Parents won’t have to spend their hard-earned money on you for new bike tubes and other bike parts.

So, after hearing my thoughts about getting more bike lanes in Ottawa, I hope you consider it.

— Jordon Hough