To the person, persons or kids who took my cat on Dec. 11, you took my friend, my buddy and my pet.

He likes to cuddle and sleep with me. I miss him very much. He doesn’t go outside a lot, and when he does, he never wanders off, stays close to home and always comes when called. I have called the vets, in case he might have been hit, though I’ve never seen him in the street for all the years I’ve had him. He is a shy cat and does not like strangers, so he wouldn’t have willingly gone to anyone. I have searched my neighborhood every day, checking ditches, Skunk Run, streets and alleys, calling for him to no avail. I also have checked with the shelter and ran an ad in the newspaper. Didn’t get one call.

So I hope you feel real good about yourself. It really takes a big person to take someone else’s pet. Or if you did happen to somehow have hit him, it takes a big person to not try and find the owner to let them know.

All I want is to come home and find him waiting for me like he does when he is out. I miss him very much and am very worried and upset about him. Oh, in case you’ve taken others — he is the white cat with a black tail, ears and mouth, and is about 7 years old. His name is “Goofy” and he earned that name. He would have come home if he could, not being kept.

So, please, bring him back home to me or call me — (785) 418-8128 — and I will come get him. That would be Christmas for me, to get him back.

— Sherry Stone, Ottawa