With only 12 days left until Christmas, there remains plenty of time to do your holiday shopping.

I typically have very little trouble finding the perfect gift for everyone on our list. This year was another story and almost every gift was a struggle to find, which explains how I stumbled across some very weird gift ideas I’d like to share with you.

Let’s start with Toilet Tattoos. Toilet Tattoos put an end to those boring, ho-hum seats most of us have in our homes. Toilet Tattoos are removable vinyl decorations you can stick on your toilet seat. They come in a variety of stock themes including potty-training cartoons, monograms and some very tasteful Christmas and Chanukah images. Or you can create your own tattoo by downloading any photo to the seller’s website. In-stock images start at $24.99. You can see for yourself at www.toilet-tattoos.com

For only $5 plus shipping and handling, plus the co-pay on your visit to the emergency room, you can get your cat an inflatable unicorn horn. Yep, we all know how much cats love to be dressed up as mythical figures, so be prepared for a few nanoseconds of absolute hilarity after you strap the unicorn horn onto Kitty’s head. The psycho cat-maker is sold by Archie McPhee and Co. out in Mukileto, Wash.

Also from  McPhee and Co. is the Emergency Underpants Dispenser. The box contains five pair of unisex underpants and is marketed as the kind of heartwarming gesture that makes the holidays what they are. They’re perfect for the business executive who has to let longtime employees go because he can say, “Fred, if this news will cause you to soil yourself, feel free to take a pair of spare underpants from this box.”

For the sports lovers on your list, nothing says happy holidays like an NFL Pro Toaster. This amazing appliance uses advanced toaster technology to burn your team logo right into your toast. A visit to www.lakeside.com and $27.95 plus shipping and handling can get you one in time for Christmas.

And, finally for those with small children who are afraid of public restrooms, we found the On the Go Inflatable Potty Seat. You simply inflate the bright blue plastic with your mouth then put it on the toilet seat for your child to sit on. After use, simply deflate the seat and then throw it away unless you can truthfully imagine your mouth on it a second time to re-inflate it. They sell for $11.95 plus shipping and handling and can be seen at www.Amazon.com

As a bonus, the inflatable potty can be worn as a hat; sometimes it’s the little things that seal the deal.

Happy gifting.

Linda Brown is marketing director for The Ottawa Herald. Email her at lbrown@ottawaherald.com