Students at Lincoln Elementary School, 1102 N. Milner Road, Ottawa, participated in a “Recess Relief for Red Cross” event to raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims, school officials said.

The event started with Kelly Smith’s fourth-grade class in an effort to expand a class project and provide more assistance for victims of Hurricane Sandy, Josh Robinson, Lincoln Elementary principal, said in an email.

As a class, the students raised $252.25. Then, a challenge was extended to the rest of the school by developing the “Recess Relief for Red Cross” event on Nov. 20. Students who donated to the relief project received an extra 15 minutes of recess on a recent school day.

The recess relief project raised $668.15, which combined with what the students already had raised, brought the total to $920.40, Robinson said.

“We are very proud of our students,” Robinson said.