Kansas: Itís the Land of Ahís ... and I am thinking itís the land of disbelief ó disbelief that our governor is not working for the best on behalf of the people of Kansas. Be scared. Be very sacred.

As a Republican myself, the following is my small summation of the financially and humanely irresponsible decisions by our current governor:

ē The Arts Councilís financial funding was pulled, then itís back. The arts are to some what football or basketball is to others. I donít see anyone cutting college sports funding across the state.

ē The Lawrence social welfare office was to be closed and through negotiations was reopened. Just how did you expect disabled and disadvantaged people to travel to another town to visit for their appointments? The governor should be their advocate, not their adversary.

ē The home- and community-based services program that gives assistance to poor Kansans with disabilities is under investigation for violating the rights of people who are waiting for help and the governor has directed them not to give out any information. Seems to be something hidden there and again the disabled and disadvantaged are at risk of our governor.

ē Privatization of Medicaid? Really? Itís sneaky that the governor brought that up as the legislative year was ending and they couldnít research and vote on it. And as we all know, any company that takes on that massive project will want to make a profit. And what happens when that profit isnít big enough? They will start cutting services. Who is going to be the advocate for the disabled and disadvantaged when that happens? Oh, of course ... the governor will just form another committee and hire one of his cohorts to oversee it. We all know how people get jobs in government. Itís not whether you are qualified, but who you know. And that brings up the hiring of the head of information technology. He was hired, but his resume/college documentation was a little shaky so he was let go. See the trend here of the governor not doing his homework on all these decisions? How many others have you hired that arenít qualified or got a job because someone owes somebody something?

ē The governor wants to raise our taxes and cut school funding. These kids are the future of Kansas, so if you cut school funding you will be diminishing the education of the future of Kansas.

ē During the past four years, the Curtis State Office Building in Topeka has gotten a nice, new, two-toned sidewalk ó a waste of my tax dollars. I realize the Capitol building renovation project was started before he took office, but the past two years have been under the governorís control. I care about the work that goes on inside that building, not what the building looks like. There are buildings all over the United States and Europe that donít get sand-blasted, and they serve their purpose just fine. The project was to cost $9 million and now the price tag is $332 million. Would you build a house and let the contractor increase the cost by more than 300 percent? Our governor has done just that. Was there not a contract signed with an inflation cost? Is anybody even monitoring this? A year ago, the governor said there was not enough funds to do the landscaping ó like I care about that. Get some community groups to do it. Get some college kids learning landscaping to do it. But now he has made the ďintelligentĒ decision to take $7 million from the Kansas Department of Transportation funds to do the landscaping and put in a visitors center. Itís supposed to be from operational funds. So who is losing their job for this one, governor? Thatís our roads and bridges money, and it is supposed to support people to get those projects done for our safe travels. And to what benefit is this landscaping work to any of us except maybe the contractors doing the work? Few Kansans will ever even visit the Capitol building, but our tax dollars are being wasted on it.

ē The stateís Main Street program was closed. It was a program to help revitalize downtowns across Kansas. Howís that for improving the state, governor? Employee layoffs across the state are the sacrificial lambs for our governorís decisions. Havenít run out of money for questionable dinner parties and a trip to Europe to watch the air show, though. And now thereís another waste of money: the replacement of the sidewalk in front of the state judicial center. I was just on that sidewalk a few weeks before it was demolished. It was fine. Itís being replaced with what looks like nearly the same type sidewalk but now it has two fountains out front. That is a waste of water and maintenance.

ē The governor spent $52,000 of our tax money to send out mailers to businesses to tell them about their tax cuts. There is a motion to ask the governor to pay back the money from his campaign funds.

ē Now our governor is on a motorcycle tour of Kansas trying to get his cohorts elected so he has some backing for all his financially irresponsible decisions. Who is paying for that? Us with our tax dollars? And is that in the governorís job description? To be campaign promoter for his cohorts?

I would ask our governor this: How many people could have their medications or chemotherapy or food or shelter or jobs if they had the money you are wasting on your projects? Who is going to lose their jobs so you can continue to renovate and spend frivolously? Can you really justify your actions?

The governorís actions/decisions are not benefiting the people of Kansas. You donít renovate your house while your kids go hungry. The governor is wasting the tax dollars of lots of hard-working Kansans, people who voted for him and trusted him.

We the people of Kansas expect our governor to spend our tax dollars wisely and for our benefit. Weíre not getting our moneyís worth.

We have two more years of suffrage for the good people of Kansas with Gov. Sam Brownback at the helm.

ó Lois Fegan,