TOPEKA — Gov. Sam Brownback signed five bills into law Monday, bringing the total tally for the 2014 legislative session to six new laws. The handful of bills passed the Legislature with widespread support from local lawmakers.

The newly signed legislation runs the gamut from bills about party affiliation to crime victims. The laws, along with the votes of Franklin County’s Statehouse delegation — state Reps. Blaine Finch, R-Ottawa, and Kevin Jones, R-Wellsville, as well as state Sen. Caryn Tyson, R-Parker — include:

• House Bill 2210 — prohibits any person from changing his/her party affiliation in any election year from the date of the deadline for candidates to file for office, June 1, through the certification of the results of the August primary election. Current law allows candidates to switch their party up to two weeks before a primary election. [Finch N; Jones Y; Tyson Y]

• House Bill 2514 — alters the priorities in the liquidation of insolvent insurance companies where the Federal Home Loan Bank is a secured creditor. Prohibits a FHLB from being stayed, enjoined, or enforcing any right or cause of action regarding collateral pledge under any Federal Home Loan security agreement during an insurance company liquidation. [Finch Y; Jones Y; Tyson Y]

• House Bill 2599 — authorizes the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office to grant an easement on land along the Kansas River for use by the Kansas City Kansas Fire Department as an emergency management boat ramp. [Finch Y; Jones Y; Tyson Y]

• Senate Bill 284 — amends the membership and changes the composition of the 911 Coordinating Council. [Finch Y; Jones Y; Tyson Y]

• Senate Bill 248 — requires that, whenever feasible, notice be given to any crime victim at least 14 working days before the release of any inmate who committed crimes against the victim, known as the Adrian Olajuwon Crosby and Dominique Nathaniel Tyree Green’s Law. It also transfers the responsibility for victim notification of a defendant’s commitment as incompetent to stand trial or not guilty by reason of mental defect from the Department of Corrections to district or county attorneys. [Finch Y; Jones Y; Tyson Y]

The first bill signed into law by Brownback during the current session was signed Feb. 3.

• House Bill 2303 — increases fines for driving under the influence testing refusal and DUI violations. The bill funds Breathalyzer equipment to ensure consistent DUI convictions across Kansas. The bill also gives $726,000 for judicial branch employee non-judge salary increases. [Finch Y; Jones Y; Tyson Y]