If local birds hadn’t already flown south for the winter, they might have flocked Thursday to the southbound lanes of I-35.

A single-vehicle wreck Thursday afternoon on I-35 dumped a truckload of bird and grass seed on the roadway, disrupting Franklin County traffic for about three hours.

Travis D. Burns, 32, lost control of the box truck he was driving southbound on I-35 near the Williamsburg/Pomona exit, causing it to roll, Neil Stanley, with the Kansas Highway Patrol, said. The over-turned truck blocked both lanes of traffic, and vehicles were forced to pass on the right shoulder. 

Burns, who was wearing a seatbelt at the time, was not injured in the noon-time incident, Stanley said. Burns was just “shook up,” Stanley added. Franklin County Emergency Medical Services initially was called to the scene but left after Burns did not complain of injuries, Stanley said.

“What a mess,” J.R. Harris, Williamsburg volunteer firefighter, said of the wreck that left several torn 25- and 50-pound bags of seed scattered across the major highway. Williamsburg Fire Department and Franklin County Sheriff’s deputies directed traffic as highway patrol troopers investigated the wreck.

The truck’s load shifted when Burns over-corrected after leaving the roadway for an unknown reason, Stanley said, which caused the wreck. The dispatch report did not indicate if Burns was cited for a traffic violation.