Itís always amazing to see modern technology alert us to dangerous weather well in advance of its arrival.

Before last weekendís storm system hit, stern warnings from forecasters predicting life-threatening weather situations came early and often.

And as the storm system that spawned nearly 100 tornadoes in Kansas alone pummeled Plains states as expected, people in the line of fire were left to brace for the worst possible outcome.

For Kansas, at least, the most astounding development after the storms came in a report of no deaths.

The state breathed a collective sigh of relief, and Gov. Sam Brownback praised Kansans for taking weather warnings seriously.

Property damage was widespread. As unwelcome as that may be, itís not nearly as devastating as a loss of life. Unfortunately, six people did die in Oklahoma.

Considering the early alerts, Kansans and others in the path of the deadly storms did indeed have time to be prepared. It was yet another example of weather experts and emergency responders doing their utmost to make sure people understand the serious threat of severe weather.

And we now have more ways than ever to receive alerts, with weather radios, smartphones and television warnings.

But even in Plains states that experience their fair share of severe weather, we still know the tendency of some people has been to overlook the importance of being ready for storm season and individual storms. Doing nothing can lead to tragic consequences.

Before the recent storm system arrived, the tone of the dire warnings surely compelled people to move to a safe place. Graphic reminders of disastrous fallout from previous tornadoes probably helped, as well.

Regardless of how the messages hit home, being prepared and heeding warnings greatly improve odds of survival in a tornado and other weather emergencies.

April, May and June typically are peak months for tornadoes in Kansas. Even though the significant battering from tornadoes, strong winds and hail came and went this past weekend without a fatality in Kansas, itís no reason for anyone in the Sunflower State to be complacent in any instance.

ó The Garden City Telegram