WELLSVILLE — The Eagles soared to a 30-point victory Thursday night at home.

Wellsville topped Valley Falls 72-42 in tournament play with Seamus Kearney leading the team with 18 points.

“We had a very dispersed scoring effort,” Terry Messenger, Wellsville’s assistant coach, said of the team’s 11 players who added points to the board and helped secure the Eagles’ victory.

It’s a pattern that has been consistent through Wellsville’s first three games, he said.

“We kind of like it that way,” Messenger said. “It keeps us dangerous.”

Wellsville (3-0) plays again 6:30 p.m. Friday at Valley Falls.

Wellsville (72) — Kearney, 18; Mann, 12; Meyer, 12; Silsby, 11; Breithaupt, 7; Klamm, 3; Dalrymple, 2; Thuro, 2; Osbern, 2; Smith, 2; Hillman, 1.

Valley Falls (42) — Badgett, 15; Burns, 13; Gantz, 9; Kearney, 3; Gatzmeyer, 2.