My name is Katelyn and I am a proud Williamsburg resident, as well as a West Franklin student.

I started kindergarten at Williamsburg the first year of the district consolidation and I am now a fifth-grader at Williamsburg Elementary School. I am so excited to start middle school next year and be combined with my other friends who go to Appanoose Elementary School. I really, really hope that I get to graduate as a West Franklin Falcon with all of my other classmates.

I know there are lots of pros and cons with the school district’s proposed bond issue, and I am praying that the outcome is that we are still a district and I get to graduate West Franklin. I hope that everyone in the West Franklin school district keeps in mind what is best for the students, and what will keep us all together. Williamsburg, Pomona and Appanoose might be separate communities, but we are together in one school district, so we need to do what is best for our schools.

People make a community and the people are not going anywhere. Maybe with a bigger school, our community will even grow. Please vote “yes!”

— Katelyn Crumley,

West Franklin student,