At the Franklin County Board of Commissionersí Jan. 23 ďUrban Growth AreaĒ hearing, Commissioner Ed Taylor said he didnít know the agreement would turn out the way it has. Why didnít he? He read the agreement before he voted for it didnít he?

Why should the city have any control over an area outside its own boundaries? The county commissioners are elected to administer the rural area. The city commissioners are elected to administer the city. The city is part of the county. City residents have a vote on four of the five county commissioners. If they donít approve of the way the county is zoning the area adjacent to the city, they can meet with the commissioners in open session and express their concerns just like anyone else.

Taylor also said he didnít believe the interlocal agreement could be abrogated. If Butch Riddleís reading of the agreement is correct, and I heard no one say otherwise, then it is beside the point. Riddle said the commissioners have to approve any zoning change the city makes for it to be valid. If I understood correctly, the county commissioners have never voted on any of the cityís zoning changes. If not, then none of those changes are valid and the county is not obligated to approve any in the future.

ó Elbert Swank, Williamsburg

[Editorís note: The Ottawa City Commission is expected to receive an update on the interlocal agreement during its study session at 4 p.m. Monday at City Hall, 101 S. Hickory St.]