The March 12 meeting of the Sigma Chapter of ADK was at 5 p.m. at the Sacred Heart Library. Hostesses were JoAnn Duvall and Claire Davis. Treats were provided by JoAnn and Claire.

President Therese Payne welcomed State President Del Jo Broadrick to the meeting. The opening prayer was given by Janet Radcliffe. Roll call was answered by 14 members and one guest, sharing their favorite book or author.

There was correspondence from Hope House for the club’s monetary contribution and from Trinity Methodist Church for the memorial given in memory of longtime member Beth Gentry. Lila Reekie will send a note of condolence to Marla Hayden, member of Kansas Rho Chapter, due to the death of her father.

Two corrections on names will be made to the Feb. 12 minutes. Virginia Cook made a motion to accept the minutes, with changes, and Cindy Ayers seconded the motion. Motion passed. Cindy shared the treasurer’s report. Virginia made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, which Claire seconded. Motion passed.

No bills were presented.

Therese shared information about upcoming events. The District III meeting will be April 20 at Calvary Methodist Church in Iola. The registration fee is $25. Those planning to attend are JoAnn, Therese and Lila. They will be taking a basket and two door prizes to the District III meeting. Virginia made a motion that ADK Sigma pay half the registration fee for those attending the meeting and members will pay $12.50. Bonnie Walz seconded the motion, which passed.

The club’s altruistic chair, Virginia, filed the altruistic form. Sigma ADK had 254 volunteer hours, gave monetary and non-monetary gifts, and money to the Kansas scholarship fund for those members who retired last year.

The membership campaign continues, and Liz Smith will visit with Nancy Baker and continue to send information to Brenda Wigger.

Del Jo Broadrick, state ADK president, shared her vision of ADK in the future. She said that ADK began so teachers could share their thoughts and ideas with other professionals. She also mentioned that people go into education for the love of working with kids and to see where they can go.

Virginia mentioned that the June meeting would be to visit the quilt barns in the Williamsburg area and to meet at JoAnn’s home. Virginia made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which was seconded by Lila and passed. The meeting closed with the singing of “The Lamp of ADK.”

Several members, along with State President Del Jo, attended the Literature Festival dinner after the club meeting. The next meeting will be 5 p.m. April 9 at the Ottawa City Hall meeting room.

Those attending were Cindy Ayers, Virginia Cook, Claire Davis, Jo Ann Duvall, Nancy Fischer, Vickie Hall, Gloria Kruse, Patty Nelson, Therese Payne, Janet Radcliffe, Lila Reekie, Liz Smith, Bonnie Walz, Gerry Coffman and Del Jo Broadrick.  

— Submitted by Patty Nelson, recording secretary