Ho hum! The county attorney is leaving ... so what?

The taxpayers of Franklin County will be unloading (or have off their shoulders) the biggest bully and the biggest liability that is being paid for with your money, outside of the thousands of dollars being spent to go on a witch hunt.

Probably 95 percent of the county will never have to deal with the entity at Third and Main streets, as our family has for the last several years (and I hope you never do). But having said that, you will never know what a circus/sideshow youíre paying for. Tax dollars at work! Yes!

Iíve been frightened for myself and my family far too long. If it can happen to one, it can happen to any of the rest of you. As far as Iím concerned, itís not much of a loss. She canít get out of here fast enough.

Bon voyage!

ó Joan K. Williams, Ottawa