Dear eBay Queen: I sold an iPhone4 that was brand new in the original box. I had never turned it on, and only removed it from the box to just look at it and photograph it. I shipped the phone the same day the buyer paid, and that was over 28 days ago.

I received this message from the buyer: I received the phone, thank you for sending it so fast. I want to return it. Its not really the phone I want. The phone I want is the iPhone5. Can I just exchange it? Also this one has a scratch. Ive only used it for a week or so, but Im pretty sure the scratch was there before I received it. Please give me instructions on how to get it back to you and how you are going to refund my money or give me a new phone. Thanks! Jade

I wrote her back and said: You used the phone? Its been activated? I do not have an iPhone5, Im not a dealer. I just sold you my phone that I did not ever turn on.

She wrote me and said: Are you kidding me? What kind of seller are you? You sold me merchandise I dont want!!! Dont you get it? I want the iPhone5 not an iPhone4 you need to get me a refund or send the item I want! I will be leaving you negative feedback if you do not give me what I want. Understand?

Im not sure what to do now. Please tell me you dont expect me to accept the return on this item. Defeated

Dear Defeated: Whoa! Your buyer is a little wacky! In a situation like this I would contact eBay to let them know about your buyer. Let them know that she has threatened negative feedback. Its totally up to you if you want to respond to her. I would probably apologize and let her know that you will not be able to accept a return since she has activated the phone.

This buyer could leave negative feedback. If they do, eBay will remove it. They could file a case, and if they do that Im pretty sure eBay will find in your favor. The buyers complaint isnt about the item, its about how they bought the wrong item and used it anyway.

Dear eBay Queen: I bought a wedding gown (supposedly new in box but I think it was dry cleaned and boxed) at an auction. It was only $2.50 and I thought I could do something with it, but I got it out of the box and it is HUGE with all of the train and everything. It must be handmade because there are no tags. Seems the waist is about 28. My neighbor said she thought it was from the 80s and internet research confirms that... but I am at a loss as to how to size it, or find a place to photograph it. The dress is pretty with lots of beading and an elaborate train.

How would I ship something so bulky and huge? I cant even get it to fit back into the original box. Goin to the Chapel

Dear Goin: Ive sold several wedding dresses. Here are some helpful hints on selling wedding dresses.

Plan on taking 15-20 photos. Brides want to SEE the dress from every angle.

Take close up photos of the beading and any intricate detailing on the dress.

Use a dress form or a real model to showcase the dress.

Since there isnt a size or tag, make sure you let the buyer know upfront.

Measurements: All these measurements should be done while the dress is laying flat.

underarm to underarm front and back


shoulder to hem front & back

From the waist to the end of the train.

From the waist to the hem front

Armpit to end of sleeve

Hem (is there enough hem to lengthen?)

Hips (if there isnt a full skirt)

Im not sure it is important that its shipped in the box from the cleaners. When you do ship it you might consider using the dry cleaner box as a container for the dress and then another box purchased or found as the shipping box. Good luck with your vintage dress! Some of those sell for quite a bit of money.

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