I think spring is coming. Surely it will arrive before too long. Of course, we had a possibility of snow in the forecast today. The main thing that reminds me the weather should be getting warmer is that there is a lot of activity at the Ottawa Library.

We are in the midst of sponsoring “Brilliant Bookworms” for third graders from all Ottawa elementary schools. For the past few years, we have teamed with the Communities in Schools program to sponsor this event. A grant enables the students to come by bus to the library and they get a tour to learn more about us and the things we offer. Then we do a scavenger hunt so they can learn even more about where things are located. This is also an opportunity for students who don’t have a library card to receive one. Even though it will be a busy week, we love informing children about the great things our library has to offer, which, for the most part, are free.  

Next month we will be visiting the elementary schools to talk about our summer reading program. We will also be part of Lincoln Elementary School and the Franklin County Reading Council’s “Jumpstart the Summer.” It will be 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. May 7 at Lincoln. We hope you can come see possibilities for keeping reading going during the summer.

Leanna Heth is a librarian in the children’s department at the Ottawa Library.