Congratulations to Herald Staff Writer Doug Carder for his fine Dec. 3 article on concealed carry. It provided a lot of good information for the reading public, but I think it could have gone farther.

Concealed carry is a very hot topic, with staunch advocates on both sides of the issue: Tim Van Leiden on the pro side and Caleb Correll on the con side for example.

The problem is, the reading public hasnít been given the whole story on the law.

To gauge the success or failure of the law, we have to know how many conceal carry license holders have had their permits revoked for abusing the right andor how many have been convicted of criminal activity resulting from the use of their firearms.

What is the failure rate? What is the success rate? We have to know these statistics to be able to tell if it is a good law or a bad law.

Also, how many have used this privilege to protect themselves or others?

The only thing I am personally aware of is that society as a whole hasnít run amok like the people on the anti side had predicted.

Maybe Carder can dig a little deeper and provide this information. Iím looking forward to a near-future article with these facts.

†ó D.K. Roberts, Wellsville