Now is the time for rural Franklin County citizens to come together and stop all this city zoning regulation that the City of Ottawa is passing that is within 3 miles of Ottawa city limits. We built our house in the county so we could live without Ottawa rules and now after 20-plus years here they come trying to make me change to their rules. No way will I change.

First, the county gave away my rights as a county landowner. I canít go to them because they gave it to the city. Second, I canít go to the city because I canít vote in the city so, as a landowner outside city limits, I donít have a vote in our government city elections. Now where is my government representation?

Ordinance No. 3582-06, which passed June 21, 2006, states, ďZoning regulations first adopted by the City for application of in the UGA [Urban Growth Area] shall not take effect unless and until approved by a majority vote of the county commissioners.Ē

On Dec. 21, I attended the county commission meeting and asked all the commissioners if they had approved the rezoning of my property at 2387 Old U.S. 50 and they all advised that they hadnít seen any of the cityís zoning requests. Now, to me, it looks like the city is pulling a fast one because they tell you everybody is doing it. This is not true. Miami County terminated their agreement because of a lawsuit over the same thing ó no representation.

Everybody in Greenwood Estates needs to be at the planning commission meeting Jan. 11 to be heard. Protect your property rights. Keep the city in the city.

See you at the meeting.

ó John C. Riddle, rural Franklin County