I think the dog park is an excellent idea and I am very high on it. Deciding the name for it is on the table and a special committee has been formed for this purpose.

A commercial entity, Advantage Ford, apparently has committed $10,000 — half of the remaining funds needed to finish the project. This has resulted in the suggestion that the park be given the name “Advantage Dog Park.”

I have been involved more than 30 years with non-profit, mostly educational organizations that survive on donations. The amount of the donation frequently was negotiated on the basis of naming a building, laboratory, auditorium, etc., after the donor. My latest was here at the Elizabeth Layton Center for Hope and Guidance.

The naming of a public facility obviously brings about exposure of that name and has commercial implications. There are many examples of this in sports arenas.

To name the proposed dog park “Advantage Dog Park” is suggestive of a commercial interest by Advantage Ford. It is for this reason that I am opposed and therefore strongly urge the committee to not use the name. The use of the name of any commercial entity to label a public facility should never occur.

I like the “Bark Park” name. Please, let’s not mess it up by associating a company name.

 — Richard Warren, Ottawa