The Richmond Free Fair was July 11-13, and featured several activities, 4-H competitions and fun. The following includes award winners in several categories of the fair:


• Beef Steer — Champion, Dakota Ferguson; reserve, Mercedes Smith.

• Beef Heifer — Champion, Sierra Hahn; reserve, Justin Peine.

• Bucket Calf — Champion, Taylor Jilek; reserve, Cross Hornbuckle.

• Market Hog — Champion, Cruz Gillespie; reserve, Dakota Ferguson.

• Gilt — Champion, Justin Peine; reserve, Dakota Ferguson.

• Market Lamb — Champion, Hailey Gillespie; reserve, Avery Stalford.

• Ewe — Champion, Lane Higbie; reserve, Emily Van Leiden.

• Meat Goat — Champion, Hailey Gillespie; reserve, Avery Stalford.

• Dairy Goat — Champion, Keelea Benedick.

• Breeding Goat — Champion, Amber Dilley; reserve, Jessy Stalford.

• All-Around Horse Junior Division — Champion, Sara Miller.

• All-Around Horse Intermediate Division — Champion, Austin Louk.

• All-Around Horse Senior Division — Champion, Abagael Pruitt.

• Large Fowl — Champion, Brandon Englund; reserve, Amanda Raby.

• Bantam — Champion, Brandon Englund; reserve, Jayden Lee.

• Production Pen — Champion, Amanda Raby.

• Meat Pen — Champion, Amanda Raby.

• Water Fowl — Champion, Hollie New; reserve, Amanda Raby.

• Pigeon — Champion, Evan Pulliam; reserve, Cheyenne Asbury.

• Rabbit — Champion, Amber Dilley; reserve, Jessie Wharton.


• Beef Fitting and Showing — Junior champion, Sierra Hahn, reserve, Lane Higbie; intermediate champion, Alexa McCurdy, reserve, Justin Peine; senior champion, Mercedes Smith, reserve, Dakota Ferguson.

• Sheep Fitting and Showing — Junior champion, Hailey GillespieΈ reserve, Avery Stalford; intermediate champion, Austin Louk, reserve, Morgan Jilek; senior champion, Brent Hornbuckle.

• Swine Fitting and Showing — Junior champion, Lane Higbie, reserve, Ely Burroughs; intermediate champion, Justin Peine, reserve, Hunter McCurdy; senior champion, Dakota Ferguson, Trint Peine.

• Goat Showmanship — Junior champion, Hailey Gillespie, reserve, Avery Stalford; intermediate champion, Amber Dilley, reserve, Payton Erhart; senior champion, Ace Benedick, reserve, Lydia Kramer.

• Horse Showmanship — Junior champion, Sara Miller, intermediate champion, Austin Louk, senior champion, Morgan Egidy.

• Rabbit Showmanship — Junior champion, Jessie Wharton, intermediate champion, Amber Dilley, senior champion, Vincent Hamilton.

• Poultry Showmanship — Junior champion, Reagan Lee, reserve- Jessie Wharton; intermediate champion, Jayden Lee, reserve, Payton Erhart; senior champion, Amanda Raby, reserve, Vincent Hamilton.

• Livestock Judging, First, Jake Drews, second, Kyle Hendrickson.

• 4-H Food Exhibit — Champion, Rebecca Vrbas, reserve, Amanda Raby.

• Best Entry 4-H Canning — Amanda Raby.

• Best Loaf Yeast Bread — Amanda Raby.

• 4-H Floriculture — Champion, Nastasja Carlson.

• 4-H Clothing/Crocheting — Champion, Timmy Smith, reserve, Rebecca Vrbas.

• 4-H Arts and Crafts — Champion, Megan Schuster; reserve, Timmy Smith.

• 4-H Photography — Champion, Brittany Hornbuckle; reserve, Brittany Hornbuckle.

• 4-H Garden Exhibit — Champion, Brianna Sobba.

• 4-H Woodworking — Champion, Conner Erhart.

• 4-H Life Skills Family and Consumer Sciences Judging — Individual, first, Sabrina Carlson, second, Nastasja Carlson, third, Rebecca Vrbas; Team, first, Rowdy Wranglers, second, Berea Boosters.


• Champion Loaf Yeast Bread, Joan Chambers.

• Champion Loaf Machine Bread, Carol Bauck.

• Canning — Fruit: Champion, senior Loretta Roeckers, reserve, senior Loretta Roeckers; vegetables: champion, senior Loretta Roeckers, reserve, senior Loretta Roeckers; pickles: champion, Nancy Sims; soft spread: champion, Carol Bauck; meat: champion, Chris Ellefson.

• Arts and Crafts — Champion, Allysha Ellefson.

• Photography — Champion, Mercedes Smith, reserve, Lauren Egidy.

• Textiles — Champion, Mary Martin, reserve, Emily Scheckel.

• Quilt — Champion, St. Boniface Church.

• Flower Champions: Div. I (growing plants and flowers), Joan Chambers; Div. II (cut flowers), Melvin Bauck; Div. III (children 9 years and younger), Karlie Stinebaugh; Div. IV (juniors 10, 16 years), Allysha Ellefson; Div. V (artistic arrangement), Melvin Bauck; Div. VI (misc. artistic arrangements), senior Loretta Roeckers.

Most entries — Senior Loretta Roeckers.


• Open Class Floats — First, Richmond Museum; second, Richmond Ruritans; third, Roeckers Family.

• Youth Float — First, Central Heights FFA; second, Golden Achievers 4-H Club; third, Richmond Library.

• Best Decorated Child’s Velocipede — First, Grace Tooley; second, Josie Sumner.

• Best Decorated Bicycle — First, Avery Sumner; second, Dalton Hennessey; third Lane Hennessey.

• Best Decorated Doll Carriage — First, Eliza Prothe.

• Pet Parade, First, Lane Higbie, second, Allison Franks; third, Julie Platt.

• Best Costume Relating to Parade Theme — First, Zoie Prothe; second, Allison Platt.

• Grand Champion of Children’s Parade — Grace Tooley.