I read the letters to the editor about gun control in the Jan. 29 Herald.

First mistake: It is legal to own a fully automatic weapon in this country; all you have to do is apply to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for a license, pay a $200 one-time tax fee and then you can own it, if it was registered under the provisions of the Gun Control Act of 1968. I know of people who own these types of weapons, so do your research before you talk. You can trade in these weapons if you hold a Class III Firearms Dealers License.

Now we say that we must control guns, but there are parents of children who were killed at Newtown, Conn., who say gun control is not the answer. Personal responsibility is their answer, and I agree. We have become a country where we’re not responsible for our own actions. It is always someone else’s responsibility. Parents were mean to us. The teachers didn’t like us. Someone else was mean to us. Does this sound familiar to you? If you don’t think this is true, just look at our judicial system; look at the defenses used to try to get people off for doing their crimes.

     We have people in this country who will do anything to force their beliefs upon all of us. They will not let facts get in the way of what they want. We’re being told that all these new gun control proposals will be the fix-all for all of the crime being committed in this country. We need much more emphasis on mental health care, access and time spent on the violent video games by younger people, as well as on our judicial system. Criminals must be required to be solely responsible for their actions.

— Delbert Edwards, Ottawa