No one was injured when a “negligent” rifle shot rang out Saturday night inside a residence in the 1600 block of South Cedar Street in Ottawa.

Dylan Spencer, 22, Ottawa, was arrested by Ottawa police about 7 p.m. on suspicion of unlawfully discharging an AR-15 rifle in his apartment, according to a police report.

Spencer was the only person home at the time of the shooting, police said.

“The round exited his apartment, entered and exited another apartment and hit a utility pole near the building,” Capt. Adam Weingartner, with the Ottawa Police Department, said. “No one was injured, but the circumstances could have turned out much different. There was a resident home in the second apartment.”

The incident is being classified as a negligent shooting by Ottawa police.

Saturday’s event marked the third such negligent shooting this year in Ottawa.

“In this case, like the other two similar cases in Ottawa recently, Mr. Spencer thought the firearm was unloaded when he pulled the trigger,” Weingartner said.

Ottawa police officers responded Jan. 11 to Sienna South Apartments in the 900 block of West 17th Street, Ottawa, after Christopher Dahlke reported he fired a gun into an adjacent apartment, Police determined one round was fired from an AR-15 rifle into the adjoining apartment. No one was in the apartment at the time, and no injuries were reported, police said.

Dahlke, 21, Ottawa, apparently was handling the firearm when it went off, police said. He was issued a notice to appear in Ottawa Municipal Court for unlawful discharge of a gun in the city limits.

On Jan. 4, a boy suffered a gunshot wound to the upper left leg, police said, when Brian Keith Bruno, the boyfriend of the boy’s mother, discharged a handgun. Bruno later was arrested and charged in the case.

“I would like to take this opportunity to remind gun owners to handle every firearm as if it is loaded and always inspect the chamber — visually and manually — and magazine to ensure it is empty, and have a second person do the same inspection,” Weingartner said. “Following these simple steps would have prevented each of the three discharges that have occurred in Ottawa recently.”